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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of the Species of the Office of Christ Outline

Thesis I:  The office of Christ is defined.

Explanation:  * 1.  Ἐνεργητικὴ/active Mediation perfected in five degrees.  2.  Christ was Mediator after the assumption of flesh.

Thesis II:  The species and parts of the mediatorial office.

Thesis III:  The three species of the mediatorial office.

Explanation:  1.  Rebuke of the opinions of the Photinians.  2.  The rationale of the threefold office is shown in a threefold way.

Thesis IV:  The Prophetic Office.

Explanation:  1.  The Prophetic Office of Christ is proven from Scripture.  2.  The parts of the prophecy of Christ.  3.  Christ performed the prophetic office mediately and immediatelyChrist is a Prophet in a threefold manner.

Thesis V:  The Priestly Office.

Explanation:  1.  The Priestly Office of Christ is proven from Scripture.  2.  The parts of the Priestly officeThe manner of the fulfillment of the LawThe subject of the Passion of Christ.  3.  The arguments of the Photinians against the satisfaction of Christ are resolved.  4.  It is proven, that Christ died for the elect only.  5.  The contrary arguments of the Lutherans are resolvedThe expression, to die for someone, is examinedLikewise:  that Christ dies for all sufficiently:  only for some efficaciously.

Thesis VI:  The Royal Office.

Explanation:  1-2.  The parts of the royal office.  3.  The arguments of the Papists are resolved, who deny that Christ is mediator according to both natures.  * 4.  Christ, how He is Mediator of the good Angels, and how not.  5.  Twofold Mediation.

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