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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of the Effects of the Personal Union Outline

Thesis I:  The effect of the personal union, a threefold communication.

Explanation:  * And each nature of Christ has its distinct properties.

Thesis II:  A definition of a property.

ExplanationThe properties of the Divine and human natures of Christ

Thesis III:  The communication of properties is defined.

Explanation:  1.  Concrete and abstract names in the doctrine concerning the person of Christ.  2.  The concrete are not at all to be confounded with the abstract.  3.  The communication of natures.  4.  The opinion of the Lutherans concerning the communication of properties is set forthIt is refutedOur arguments are vindicated.  5.  The communication of omnipotence in particular is opposed.  6.  The arguments of the Lutherans are resolved, with certain foundations of solutions establishedGiven to Christ in time.  7.  Arguments for the communication of omnipotence and omniscience in particular are resolved.

Thesis IV:  Charisma is defined.  The communication of charismata.

Explanation:  1.  The destinction of charismata from properties.  2.  The arguments of adversaries are resolved.

Thesis V:  Apotelesma is defined.  The communication of apotelesmata.

ExplanationConcerning the apotelesmata, to be considered and distinguished.  2.  The principal appearances of the apotelesmata, and their application to each nature of Christ.  3.  The power and virtue of exercising the apotelesmata renders the nature of the apotelemata.  * That Christ is to be invoked is proven.

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