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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of Reprobation Outline

Thesis I: Reprobation is defined.

Thesis II: The causes and adjuncts of reprobation are to be considered.

Thesis III: The principal efficient of reprobation.

Explanation: 1. It is proven there is a reprobation of certain men from God. 2. Contrary arguments are refuted.

Thesis IV: The impulsive cause of reprobation.

Explanation: 1. What is it to ask after the impulsive cause of election absolutely, or comparatively? 2. The Decree of reprobation, in a certain respect absolute, and not absolute. 3. The matter is made clear by a comparison. The act of Reprobation, positive and negative.

Thesis V: The material cause, or the object of reprobation, is man as sinner.

Explanation: 1. It is proven that reprobates are sinners. 2. It is proven that the greater part of men is reprobate. 3. Exceptions are met.

Thesis VI: The end of reprobation.

Explanation: 1. This end is proven from Scripture. 2. The Orthodox do not acknowledge a reprobation, in which there is no consideration of sin.

Thesis VII: The inhering adjuncts of reprobation.

Thesis VIII: The inhering adjuncts of reprobation are eternity and immutability.

Explanation: 1. It is proven that reprobation is eternal. 2. It is proven that reprobation is immutable. 3. An objection to immutability is resolved.

Thesis IX: The consequences of reprobation.

Explanation: 1. Desertion is defined. 2. Hardening is defined. It is proven that the act of hardening is summed up in bare permission. 3. How does God harden? how does Satan? how does the man himself? 4. There is no certainty of reprobation while a man lives, except by the sin against the Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
04 kwi 2023

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
04 kwi 2023
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