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Ruth 4 Outline: Love, Marriage, and Messiah

Boaz goeth up to the gate, calleth his kinsman; inquires whether he would redeem and marry Ruth, 1-5. He refuseth, 6-8. Boaz, the people witnessing and congratulating, buyeth the inheritance, and marrieth Ruth, 9-12. She beareth Obed the grandfather of David, 13-17. The genealogy from Pharez unto David, 18-22.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
19 oct 2019

Matthew Henry: 'In this chapter we have the wedding between Boaz and Ruth, in the circumstances of which there was something uncommon, which is kept upon record for the illustration, not only of the law concerning the marrying of a brother's widow (Deuteronomy 25:5, etc.), for cases help to expound laws, but of the gospel too, for from this marriage descended David, and the Son of David, whose espousals to the Gentile church were hereby typified. We are here told, I. How Boaz got clear of his rival, and fairly shook him off, verses 1-8. II. How his marriage with Ruth was publicly solemnized, and attended with the good wishes of his neighbours, verses 9-12. III. The happy issue tha…

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