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Poole's Outline of 2 Samuel 2: David, King in Hebron

David, by God’s direction, with his company goeth up to Hebron, where he is made king of Judah, 1-4.  He commendeth them of Jabesh-gilead for burying Saul, 5-7.  Abner maketh Ish-bosheth king of Israel, 8-11.  A mortal fight between twelve of Abner’s and twelve of Joab’s men, 12-17.  Asahel pursueth Abner, and is slain by him, 18-24.  At Abner’s motion Joab soundeth a retreat, 25-31.  Asahel’s burial, 32.

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Matthew Henry: 'David had paid due respect to the memory of Saul his prince and Jonathan his friend, and what he did was as much his praise as theirs; he is now considering what is to be done next. Saul is dead, now therefore David arise. I. By direction from God he went up to Hebron, and was there anointed king, verses 1-4. II. He returned thanks to the men of Jabesh-gilead for burying Saul, verses 5-7. III. Ishbosheth, the son of Saul, is set up in opposition to him, verses 8-11. IV. A warm encounter happens between David's party and Ishbosheth's, in which, 1. Twelve of each side engaged hand to hand and were all slain, ver.ses12-16. 2. Saul'…


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