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Poole's Outline of 1 Samuel 9

The genealogy of Kish, 1. Saul’s person, 2. He is sent to seek his father’s asses, 3. He travels through the country, and finds them not, 4, 5. By the counsel of his servant, 6-10, and the direction of young maidens, 11-14, according to God’s revelation, 15-17, he cometh to Samuel, who meets him; entertaineth him at the feast; telleth him the asses were found, and he should be king, 18-20. Saul’s amazement, 21. Samuel gives him the highest place, and a peculiar dish; eats with him, 22-24. After secret communication leadeth him on the way; the servant goes before; Saul stands still with Samuel, 25-27.

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