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Judges 9 Outline

Abimelech, Gideon’s son, by conspiracy with the Shechemites, and the murder of his brethren, Jotham the youngest escaping, is made king, 1-6. Jotham by a parable rebuketh them, and foretelleth their ruin: he flees and dwells at Beer, 7-21. The Shechemites conspire against Abimelech, 22-25. Gaal joins himself to the Shechemites, 26-29. Zebul reveals it, 30-33. Betrayeth Gaal, 34-38. Abimelech overcometh them, and soweth the city with salt, 39-45. Sets the tower on fire; also the hold of the god Berith, 46-49. He subdues Thebez: going near to the tower to burn it, a woman casts down a piece of a millstone on his head, and breaks his skull, 50-53. He commands his armour-bearer to thrust him through, 54. Jotham’s curse is fulfilled, 56, 57.

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