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Judges 8 Outline

The Ephraimites are displeased with Gideon; he satisfies them, 1-3. He pursueth two kings of the Midianites beyond Jordan, where Succoth and Penuel refuse to relieve Gideon’s army: the kings being taken by him, in his return he punisheth those of Succoth and Penuel, 4-17. He revengeth his brethren’s death on the two kings, 18-21. He refuseth government, 22, 23; demandeth a present of the spoil, and thereof makes an ephod; places it in Ophrah; it is a cause of idolatry, 24-27. Gideon’s children, wives, death, and burial, 30-32. Israel revolts to idolatry; is ungrateful to Gideon’s family, 33-35.

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