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Heidegger's "Handbook of the Bible": Title Page

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Johann Heinrich Heidegger’s

סדר של מקרא

The Arrangement belonging to the Reading



Handbook of the Bible

Particularly Devoted to the Sacred Reading,

With a General Analysis

of the Individual Books of the Old and New Testament,

and the Argument of their Chapters Touched upon;

and with Notes Prefaced

for an Acquaintance with the Author, Summary, Scope,

Chronology, Distribution, etc., of Each Book;

with a Synoptic Table Subjoined to Each Book,

and finally with the Interpreters Expressed,

Ancient, Augustinian, Reformed,

Roman Catholic, and Hebrew.

Translated by Dr. Steven Dilday

Central, South Carolina

From Reformation to Reformation Translations


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