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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Zechariah: Chapter Summary

With Haggai is joined זְכַרְיָה/Zechariah, not to be confused with Zechariah, the son of Barachias, or of Jehoiada, 1.  The occasion for the Prophecy is the same as that of the Prophecy of Haggai, 2.  The argument of the Prophecy, 3.  An account of the time in which he prophesied, 4.  The Parts are five, the same as the number of prophetic visions.  I.  The first Vision, wherein the Prophet in the name of God urges repentance, and promises the grace of God (Zechariah 1:1-6).  II.  The second Vision, consisting of nine figures or emblems, whereby the building of the typical Temple and the Kingdom of Christ are adumbrated (Zechariah 1:7-6:15).  III.  The third Vision, wherein divine blessing and joy is promised to the people (Zechariah 7; 8).  IV.  The fourth Vision, concerning the gathering of the Church out of various nations, and the judgments of God against the obstinate (Zechariah 9-11).  V.  The fifth Vision, concerning the salvation of the Church through Christ (Zechariah 12-14).  A Synoptic Table of the book, and its Interpreters, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, 5.

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