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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Pentateuch: Lutheran Interpreters

Solomon Glassius

LUTHERAN: Brentius,[1] Chytræus,[2] Glassius, Heerbrand,[3] Marbach,[4] Spangenberg,[5] Walther.[6]

[1] Commentarii.

[2] In Devteronomion Mosis Iusta Enarratio. In Genesin, Exodum, Leviticum, Numeros, Breviores locorvm Doctrinæ et Phrasium Annotationes.

[3] Commentarius. Jacob Heerbrand (1521-1600) was a German Lutheran theologian and controversialist. He studied under Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon at Wittenberg. Heerbrand enjoyed a long tenure as Professor of Theology at Tubingen (1557-1599).

[4] Commentariorvm in Pentateuchum. Erasmus Marbach (1548-1593) was a Lutheran theologian. He served as Professor of Theology at Stassburg.

[5] In sacri Mosis Pentateuchum. Cyriacus Spangenberg (1528-1604) was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. He was among the last students of Martin Luther, and a prolific author.

[6] Michel Walther (1593-1662) was a Lutheran theologian. He served as a professor at Helmstatdt and as court-preacher, first at Brunswick and Lineburg, then at East-Friesland.

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