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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Matthew: Construction Natural and Plain

7. The structure of this history consisting in words and things is of what sort? a simple sort of writing.

Moreover, the very construction or structure of this history has been set down in things and words.Things are delivered in a twofold order, natural, in which matters are described in the order in which they were conducted; and occasionally artificial, in which the order of nature is not kept through all, but as it appeared to him, and as the advantage of the readers required, the matters conducted are set forth.But he makes use of words of such a sort as it is appropriate to make use in a history, simple, plain, proper, and not at all obscure, and flowing forth with a certain unruffled placidity.Just as in the treatment of things he disregards operose descriptions of things, persons, times, and places, elaborate discussions of causes, and other ornaments of history, wont to be affected by profane writers:so in the composition words he pays no attention to the ornaments and colors of Rhetoric.For, he presented himself as an organ for the Spirit of Christ, and with his pen expressed the things suggested by Him.But the Spirit of Christ is modest, simple, whole, and open.Hence the diction also, of which Matthew makes use, is pure, and is altogether foreign to all affection of human pride.For, the Holy Spirit acting efficaciously, not the polished tongue sounding learnedly externally, works salvation.

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