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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Leviticus: The Purpose of Leviticus

4. The Scope/Goal of the book is to hand on the sacred or legitimate law of the Jews, and to lead to faith in the coming Priest, Christ. The use of the book among Christians.

From the these things that have been said, it is abundantly clear what is the scope/goal of this book. Namely, it was instituted by Moses, to describe the law, sacred, genuine, which GOD commanded to the ancient Church of the Jews, until the fulfillment of all those things might be exhibited in Christ, who is the body and essence of those: so that thus the people might have a certain χειραγωγίαν/guide to the singular priesthood and sacrifice of the Messiah to be met in the fullness of time, and also to the study of true holiness, chastity, and purity in life. God also willed for this book to be on record for Christians, because, just as this book borrows a most brilliant light and torch from the books of the New Testament, so in turn it shows Christ in the Old Testament, and lends great light to the books of the New Testament, indeed, without an understanding of which what things either Christ Himself moved here and there, as if with His eyes cast backwards, concerning the Sabbath, leprosy, marriage; or the Evangelists concerning circumcision, childbirth, offering, the lamb taking away the sins of the world; or the Apostles concerning the Priesthood of Christ, and the sacrifice of Christians; are not able to be understood accurately.

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