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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Leviticus: Synoptic Outline of Leviticus


There are three parts to this Book:

I. Laws concerning sacrifices: chapters 1-7: in which are:

1. The kinds of sacrifices: chapters 1-5: like:

a. The voluntary sacrifices.

α. The law of the burnt-offering: chapter 1.

β. The law of the Minchah: chapter 2.

γ. The law of peace offerings: chapter 3.

b. The necessary sacrifices.

α. For sin through error: chapter 4.

β. For guilt: chapter 5.

2. The rites of the sacrifices, like:

a. The rites of the burnt-offering: chapter 6.

b. Sacrifices for guilt and of peace offerings: chapter 7.

II. The consecration of Aaron and his sons: chapters 8-10: in which are:

1. Their inauguration: chapter 8.

2. Aaron’s sacrifice: chapter 9.

3. The strange fire: chapter 10.

III. Diverse laws concerning the sanctification of the people: chapters 11-27: in which are:

1. Ceremonial laws concerning purifications: chapters 11-17.

a. Concerning the distinction of clean and unclean things: chapter 11.

b. Concerning the purification of a woman after childbirth: chapter 12.

c. Of lepers: chapter 13.

d. Concerning the cleansing of a healed leper: chapter 14.

e. Concerning the cleansing of one sick with gonorrhea: chapter 15.

f. Concerning entrance into the holy of holies, and the two he-goats: chapter 16.

g. Concerning the eating of blood: chapter 17.

2. Laws moral and judicial: chapters 18-20.

a. Concerning the prohibited degrees: chapter 18.

b. Concerning the explication of the Decalogue: chapter 19.

c. Concerning punishments for crimes: chapter 20.

3. Laws concerning the Priests: chapters 21, 22.

a. Concerning the idea of a good Priest: chapter 21.

b. Concerning the feeding of the Priests from the sacrifices, and the wholeness of the sacrifices: chapter 22.

4. Festal laws: chapter 23.

5. Laws concerning the oil for the lampstand, etc.: chapter 24.

6. Laws concerning the Sabbath of the land and Jubilee: chapter 25.

7. Legal promises and punishments: chapter 26.

8. Laws concerning vows and tithes: chapter 27.

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