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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Jeremiah: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of this Book are five:

I. Prophecies concerning the Jewish people, Chapters 1-36, in which are:

1. The Prologue: The Calling of the Prophet, and a summary of the Prophecy: chapter 1.

2. Sermons before the captivity under Josiah, chapters 2-19, and which are:

a. Simple, chapters 2-12, in which are:

α. Sermon I, chapters 2-6, in which are:

א. The sins of the people: chapter 2.

ב. An invitation to repentance: chapter 3.

ג. True penitence; the destruction of the people: chapter 4.

ד. Passive corruption: chapter 5.

ה. The coming calamities: chapter 6.

β. Sermon II, chapters 7-9, in which are:

א. Vain boasting over external worship: chapter 7.

ב. The people’s crimes and punishments: chapter 8.

ג. The argument continued: chapter 9.

γ. Sermon III, against idolatry: chapter 10.

δ. Sermon IV, chapters 11, 12, in which are:

א. Their transgression of the covenant: chapter 11.

ב. The reason for the felicity of the wicked: chapter 12.

b. Figurative, chapters 13-19, in which are:

α. Sermon V, and in it the figure of a girdle, of a bottle: chapter 13.

β. Sermon VI, chapters 14, 15, in which are:

א. Famine: chapter 14.

ב. Vehement threats, and prayer: chapter 15.

γ. Sermon VII, chapters 16, 17, in which are:

א. The rejection of Jerusalem predicted in a type: chapter 16.

ב. Trust in the one God: chapter 17.

δ. Sermon VIII, and in it the type of a potter: chapter 18.

ε. Sermon IX, and in it the type of an earthen bottle: chapter 19.

3. The persecution of the Prophet: chapter 20.

4. Sermon X, concerning the siege of the city: chapter 21.

5. Sermon XI, chapters 22, 23, in which are:

a. Repentance is commended: the fates of Shallum, Jehoiakim, and Jeconiah: chapter 22.

b. Jehovah our righteousness: the False Prophets: chapter 23.

6. Sermon XII, in which is the type of figs: chapter 24.

7. Sermon XIII: Destruction, and its cause and duration: chapter 25.

8. Sermon XIV, in which the Prophet commends repentance, and is consequently incarcerated: chapter 26.

9. Sermon XV, chapters 27, 28, in which are:

a. The type of the yoke, and urging to surrender: chapter 27.

b. Hananiah the False Prophet: chapter 28.

10. Sermons under Zedekiah, chapters 29-34, in which are:

a. Epistles to the captives: chapter 29.

b. Sermon XVI, chapters 30, 31, in which are:

α. Promised liberation: chapter 30.

β. Liberation through Christ, and the blessings of the New Testament: chapter 31.

c. Sermon XVII, and in it the type of the field purchased: chapter 32.

d. Sermon XVIII, concerning the grace of redemption: chapter 33.

e. Sermon XIX, concerning the captivity of Zedekiah, and the burning of the city: chapter 34.

11. Sermon XX, concerning the Rechabites: chapter 35.

12. History of the prophecies of Jeremiah: chapter 36.

II. History of the captivity and ruin of the people, Chapters 37-44: in which are:

1. The Antecedents, chapters 37, 38, in which are:

a. The captivity of the Prophet: chapter 37.

b. The liberation of the same from the lower prison by Ebed-melech: chapter 38.

2. Concomitants: the occupation and devastation of Jerusalem, and the liberation of Jeremiah: chapter 39.

3. The Consequences, chapters 40-44, in which are:

a. The gathering of the remnant to Jeremiah at Mizpah: chapter 40.

b. The slaying of Gedaliah, and the ineffectual efforts of Ishmael: chapter 41.

c. The counsel of Jeremiah against going down into Egypt: chapter 42.

d. The departure of the remnant into Egypt: chapter 43.

e. A sermon of Jeremiah to the remnant in Egypt: chapter 44.

III. A word of Jeremiah to Barach, Chapter 45.

IV. Prophecies against the nations, Chapters 46-51, against:

1. The Egyptians: chapter 46.

2. The Philistines, Tyrians, Sidonians, etc.: chapter 47.

3. The Moabites: chapter 48.

4. The Ammonites, Edomites, Syrians, Arabs, and Elamites: chapter 49.

5. The Babylonians, chapters 50, 51, in which are:

a. Their ruin by the Medo-Persians: chapter 50.

b. Their sudden fall, the liberation of the people of God: chapter 51.

V. Recapitulation of the history of Zedekiah, the destruction of the city, and the captivity of the people, Chapter 52.

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