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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Jeremiah: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: Ambrose, Theodoret, Rabanus Maurus, Origen, Jerome, Haymo.


REFORMED: Jacob Alting, Bullinger, Brandmüller, Calvin, Cocceius, Lavater, Noordbeck, Polanus,[1] Strigelius, Szegedinus, Tossanus, Zwingli. English: Gataker.

LUTHERAN: Brentius, Bugenhagen, Forster, Heilbrunner, Hulsemannus, Melanchthon, Selnecker.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Aquinas, Castro, Ghislerius, Jesus Maria, Joachim,[2] Maldonatus, Malvenda, Paulutius, Pintus, Sanchez, Saint Thomas, Joachim Capella.

HEBREWS: Meir Arama, Moshe Alshich.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament be added.

[1] Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) was a German Reformed theologian, and an important figure in the early development of Reformed Scholasticism. He served as Professor of Old Testament at Basel (1596-1610). [2] Joachim of Fiore (c. 1135-1202) was an Italian theologian, and founder and Abbot of a Cisterician Abbey at Fore. He is famous for his apocalyptic thought, postulating three great ages: the Age of the Father (the Old Testament period), characterized by the obedience of man to commandments; the Age of the Son (the New Testament period until 1260), characterized by adoption; the Age of the Holy Spirit, characterized by love, in which the ecclesiastical polity would no longer be necessary. In addition to his works on Revelation, he also wrote a Scripture harmony and a commentary on the Gospels. Commentaries on Isaiah and Jeremiah are falsely ascribed to him.


Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
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