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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Jeremiah: Chapter Summary

The Inscription. Who was Jeremiah? He dictated his Prophecies to Baruch, 1. The age in which he lived and prophesied, and the history of the Kings under whom he prophesied, 2. The Argument of the book, 3. The excellent use of the Prophecy, 4. The opinion of Jerome and Bullinger concerning his style of speaking, 5. The time in which he prophesied, and the end of his life, 6. The difficulting of establishing the order. The frequent ὕστερον πρότερον, hysteron proteron, in it. The five parts of the book are set forth. I. Prophecies, sermons, and Histories concerning the Jewish people (Jeremiah 1-36). II. History of the captivity and ruin of the people, the interpreter of the Prophecies of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 37-44). III. The speech of Jeremiah to Baruch (Jeremiah 45). IV. Prophecies against the nations (Jeremiah 46-51). V. Recapitulation of the history of Zedekiah, the destruction of the city, and the captivity of the people (Jeremiah 52). A Synoptic Table of the book, and its Interpreters, ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Hebrew, 7.

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