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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Isaiah: Manner of Teaching

3. The manner of teaching is set forth.

The manner of teaching, if I might add a few things concerning this, is abundant and extraordinarily full: the speech is lucid, perspicuous, and evident. And this Prophet is a true and divine Orator, much more excellent than Pericles,[1] himself also thundering and flashing, leaving darts in the hearts of his Hearers. He is certainly one, lest Pagans be able rightfully to despise the sacred writers, or the Church of GOD appear to be destitute of any excellent gift, graver, more eloquent, more ornate, and greater and more sublime in the magnitude of matters, than all the historians, Orators, and Poets together: finally, if such had written in Latin, he would have darkened the glory of all the Latins; if in Greek, of all the Greeks.

[1] Pericles (c. 495-429) was an influential Athenian politician and general. He is remembered as a powerful and persuasive orator.


Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "Isaiah: The Fifth Gospel, Part 2"


Jan 05, 2023

Enjoying your updates to the materials in the OT Study 📚 you did some 4 years ago. Although I went through the material originally and took notes, it’s interesting to hear again the 5th Gospel lectures. The discussion you had with Brian for almost 20 minutes at the beginning of Part 2 was interesting. Did you ever put together the Bibliography? i,e, Dr. Dilday’s Reading List.

Anyway I plan to review all the Isaiah lectures. And may pass them on to my son-in-law who is now at Denver Seminar. I like the outline Sequence of study you present.

Having now finished OT, and NT studies, and my own multi-year reading of Wylie’s History of Protestantism (Church History), I feel I’m…

Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Jan 06, 2023
Replying to

Greetings, Ron. No, we never followed-up on the reading list. If you have a particular area of interest, I would certainly be happy to make recommendations.

I expect much from Wendelin's treatment of Systematic Theology, and he has not disappointed. I think that you will find him helpful.

Hopeful about getting back to Revelation this year...


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