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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Hosea: Synoptic Outline

The Prophecies of this book are:

I. Typical, Chapters 1-3: in which are:

1. Pericope I, and in it:

a. The title, and the type of matrimony: chapter 1.

b. Blessings to be bestowed upon the remnants: chapter 2.

2. Pericope II, in which is the type of the Prophet commanded to love an adulterous woman: chapter 3.

II. Simple, Chapters 4-14: in which are:

1. Pericope III, a rebuke of the people: chapter 4.

2. Pericope IV, and in it:

a. The punishment of the Nobles: chapter 5.

b. Reproach arising from blessings: chapter 6.

3. Pericope V, in which are:

a. The punishment of the ten tribes: chapter 7.

b. The sins and punishments of Israel: chapter 8.

c. Final destruction: chapter 9.

d. The untimely death of the King: chapter 10.

4. Pericope VI, the ingratitude of the people, their punishment, and God’s mercy: chapter 11.

5. Pericope VII, in which are:

a. The defection of Ephraim and the constancy of Judah: chapter 12.

b. The destruction and restoration of Ephraim: chapter 13.

c. The repentance of Israel: chapter 14.

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