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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Habakkuk: Argument

2.  The argument of the Prophecy directed against the Jews and Chaldeans.

The argument of the Prophecy is a מַשָּׂא/burden, or word of God set forth and pressed against certain ones, Habakkuk 1:1.  But those are both the impenitent Jews, and the Chaldeans, who were their lash, and others similar to them.  And so the Prophet, complaining about the most wicked lives of the Jews, denounces against them their coming overthrow by the Chaldeans:  yet, sorrowing over the lot of the people of God, and imploring vengeance against their enemies, by a vision he is rendered more certain concerning their restraint, the coming of Christ to be embraced with true faith, and the peace of the Church.  Finally, turning towards pious petitions and prayers, in an elegant song, he seals the Prophecy in the guise of himself and that of the rest of the saints.

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