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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Ezra: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the book are:

I. A prior ascent of Zerubbabel for the restoration of the Temple, Chapters 1-6, in which are:

1. The edict of Cyrus, whereby the means of returning are granted: chapter 1.

2. A Catalogue of those returning: chapter 2.

3. The restoration of the Temple: chapters 3-6: in which are:

a. The laying of the foundations of the Temple: chapter 3.

b. The hindrance cast in the way by the Samaritans: chapter 4.

c. The furtherance of construction, with their adversaries complaining before Darius: chapter 5.

d. The indulgence of Darius, and the dedication of the Temple: chapter 6.

II. The later ascent of Ezra for the reformation of the Church, Chapters 7-10, in which are:

1. The ascent of Ezra: chapter 7.

2. The list of his companions, and the implementation of the Royal decree: chapter 8.

3. The Reformation of the Church, in which are:

a. Ezra’s mourning on account of the marriages with foreign women: chapter 9.

b. The repentance of the people: chapter 10.

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