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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Ezekiel: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of this book are four:

I. The Preface, or the calling and first vision of the Prophet, Chapters 1:1-3:15: in which are:

1. The place, time, and author, namely, Christ, of the call: chapter 1.

3. . The calling itself: chapter 2.

3. The confirmation of the Prophet eating the book: chapter 3:1-15.

II. Six visions concerning the destruction of the people, Chapters 3:16-24:27: in which are:

1. The second vision in order: chapters 3:16-7:27: in which are:

a. A repeated call: chapter 3:16-27.

b. The siege, the cake of dung: chapter 4.

c. The type of the hair and razor: chapter 5.

d. The destruction of the mountains of Israel: chapter 6.

e. The final judgment: chapter 7.

2. The third vision: chapters 8-12: in which are:

a. The abominations seen in the Temple: chapter 8.

b. The pious sealed, the rest slaughtered: chapter 9.

c. Fire brought upon the Temple: the Glory of Jehovah deserting the Temple: chapter10.

d. Twenty-five men, despisers of the Prophets, etc.: chapter 11.

3. The fourth vision: chapters 12-19: in which are:

a. Exile adumbrated by the flight of a man: chapter 12.

b. False Prophets: chapter 13.

c. A response from God denied to those consulting: chapter 14.

d. The unfruitful vine: chapter 15.

e. The blessings of God and the ingratitude of the people: chapter 16.

f. The parable of the eagles: chapter 17.

g. The righteous are not punished: chapter 18.

h. The lioness: the plucked vine: chapter 19.

4. The fifth vision, and int the sins and punishments of the people, and grace towards a new Israel: chapter 20:1-44.

5. The sixth vision: chapter 20:45-23:49: in which are:

a. A face turned towards the South: chapter 20:45-49.

b. A parable of a pointed sword: chapter 21.

c. Jerusalem to be refined: chapter 22.

d. The harlots Aholah and Aholibah: chapter 23.

6. The seventh vision, and in it a boiling pot, and the wife of the Prophet dying: chapter 24.

III. Fourteen visions against various nations, Chapters 25-39: in which are:

1. The eighth vision in order, against the Ammonites: chapter 25:1-7.

2. The ninth vision, against the Moabite, Edomites, and Philistines: chapter 25:8-17.

3. The tenth vision, against Tyre: chapters 26-28: in which are:

a. The judgment against Tyre: chapter 26.

b. A lamentation on account of the judgment of Tyre: chapter 27.

c. The sentence against the King of Tyre and the Sidonians: chapter 28.

4. The eleventh vision, against Pharaoh King of Egypt: chapter 29:1-16.

5. The twelfth vision, against Egypt, in which are,

a. The destruction of the Kingdom: chapter 29:17-21.

b. A judgment against them and their confederates: chapter 30:1-19.

6. The thirteenth vision, concerning the shattering of the arm of the King of Egypt: chapter 30:20-26.

7. The fourteenth vision, against Pharaoh: chapter 31.

8. The fifteenth vision, a lamentation on account of the fall of Egypt: chapter 32:1-16.

9. The sixteenth vision, the Ruin of Egypt, after the example of other nations: chapter 32:17-32.

10. The seventeenth vision, vigilance commanded to the Prophet: chapter 33:1-20.

11. The eighteenth vision, in which are:

a. The sentence against the Jews of Jerusalem, and the companions of the exile: chapter 33:21-33.

b. The sentence against the Pastors, and the appointment of a true Pastor: chapter 34.

12. The nineteenth vision, in which are:

a. The destruction of Seir, or of Edom: chapter 35.

b. The deliverance of the people; clean waters: chapter 36.

13. The twentieth vision, the Deliverance of the people, promised under the type of the resurrection of the dead and of the united sticks: chapter 37.

14. The twenty-first vision, against Gog, in which are:

a. The expedition of Gog: chapter 38.

b. The judgment: chapter 39.

IV. Prophecy concerning the restoration of the Church through Christ, Chapters 40-48: in which are:

1. The vision concerning the new Temple: chapters 40-42: in which are:

a. A man with a reed and measuring line. The Vestibule and Atrium: chapter 40.

b. The Temple itself: chapter 41.

c. The chambers and the Eastern gate: chapter 42.

2. A vision concerning the glory and use of the Temple: chapters 43; 44: in which are:

a. The Glory of God filling the house; the speech of the Lord to the Prophet and altars: chapter 43.

b. The exterior gate of the Sanctuary, the house full of glory, and the duties and the Priests: chapter 44.

3. Vision concerning the institution of the Church and new Polity: chapters 45-48: in which are:

a. Division of the new land, and the oblations on feast days: chapter 45.

b. Precepts concerning the Prince about worship, sacrifices, and possession; the kitchens: chapter 46.

c. Vision concerning the sacred river, the torrent rushing forth to the sea; of the trees of the land: chapter 47.

d. Distribution of the land among the twelve tribes; the exits of the city; and the sealing of the Prophecy: chapter 48.

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