Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Exodus: Synoptic Outline of Exodus

There are three parts to this Book:

I. The History of the persecution of the Israelites in Egypt: chapters 1-12: in which is:

1. The persecution and servitude of the people: chapter 1.

2. Preparation for their liberation and exodus: chapters 2-12: in which is:

a. The instrument of their liberation, Moses, of whom is narrated

α. The birth: chapter 2.

β. The calling: chapter 3.

γ. The obedience: chapter 4, 5.

δ. The second calling: chapter 6.

b. The actions of Moses, the ten plagues:

α. 1. The conversion of water into blood: chapter 7.

β. 2. Of frogs. 3. Of lice. 4. Of insects: chapter 8.

γ. 5. Of pestilence. 6. Of boils. 7. Of hail: chapter 9.

δ. 8. Of the locusts. 9. Of darkness: chapter 10.

ε. 10. Of the smiting of the firstborn threatened: chapter 11.

ζ. The same inflicted. The institution of the Passover: chapter 12:1-33.