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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Exodus: Synoptic Outline of Exodus

There are three parts to this Book:

I. The History of the persecution of the Israelites in Egypt: chapters 1-12: in which is:

1. The persecution and servitude of the people: chapter 1.

2. Preparation for their liberation and exodus: chapters 2-12: in which is:

a. The instrument of their liberation, Moses, of whom is narrated

α. The birth: chapter 2.

β. The calling: chapter 3.

γ. The obedience: chapter 4, 5.

δ. The second calling: chapter 6.

b. The actions of Moses, the ten plagues:

α. 1. The conversion of water into blood: chapter 7.

β. 2. Of frogs. 3. Of lice. 4. Of insects: chapter 8.

γ. 5. Of pestilence. 6. Of boils. 7. Of hail: chapter 9.

δ. 8. Of the locusts. 9. Of darkness: chapter 10.

ε. 10. Of the smiting of the firstborn threatened: chapter 11.

ζ. The same inflicted. The institution of the Passover: chapter 12:1-33.

II. The History of their liberation and Exodus: chapters 12:34-19:25: in which is:

1. The departure unto Succoth: chapter 12:34-51.

2. Commandments in Succoth, and the arrival in Etham: chapter 13.

3. Crossing of the Red Sea: chapter 14.

4. The Victory Song of Moses, and the journey toward Marah and Elim: chapter 15.

5. Their coming unto Sin, and the sending of the Manna and Quail: chapter 16.

6. Their coming unto Rephidim, the rock abounding in water, the fight with Amalek: chapter 17.

7. The counsel of Jethro: chapter 18.

III. The History of the Mosaic Legislation: chapters 19-40: in which is:

1. Their coming unto Sinai, and the appearance of God: chapter 19.

2. The Legislation, in which is the promulgation of

a. The Decalogue: chapter 20.

b. Various judicial laws: chapters 21-23.

c. Various mixed laws: chapter 24.

3. The sanctioning of the Legislation, with the covenant erected, and a fast declared: chapter 24.

4. Laws concerning worship and sacred things: chapters 25-31: in which is:

a. A delineation of the ark, table, and candlestick: chapter 25.

b. The laver, the beams: chapter 26.

c. The altar, the courtyard: chapter 27.

d. The dress of the Priest: chapter 28.

e. The initiation of the Priests: chapter 29.

f. The altar of incense, the levy, the oil: chapter 30.

g. The builders, the Sabbath: chapter 31.

5. The Legislation interrupted by sin, in which is:

a. The worship of the calf and the zeal of Moses: chapter 32.

b. The repentance of the people: chapter 33.

c. New tables, and the shining of Moses: chapter 34.

6. Repetition of certain laws: chapter 35.

7. Execution of the commandment concerning the tabernacle: chapters 35-40: in which is:

a. A census: chapter 35.

b. The building of the tabernacle: chapter 36.

c. The ark of testimony, and the incense: chapter 37.

d. The altar of burnt-offering, and the sum of the contributions: chapter 38.

e. The preparation of the vestments of the Priest: chapter 39.

f. The erection of the tabernacle, and the appearance of God: chapter 40.

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