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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Deuteronomy: Synoptic Outline


The parts of the book are:

I. A Repetition of the preceding history: chapters 1:1-4:43: in which is:

1. A narration of God’s blessings: chapters 1-4: in which is:

a. A repetition of those things that happened in the journey from Horeb unto Kadesh: chapter 1.

b. Of those things that happened concerning the Moabites, Ammonites, etc.: chapter 2.

c. Of those wars that were conducted against Og and Sihon, etc.: chapter 3.

2. An exhortation and commendation of the Decalogue: chapter 4:1-43.

II. A Repetition of the Mosaic Legislation: chapters 4:44-26:19: in which is:

1. A preface: chapter 4:44-49.

2. A sermon of Moses, in which the Law is repeated: chapters 5-26: in which is:

a. The Law repeated: chapter 5.

b. An exposition of the Moral precepts: chapters 6-11.

α. An exposition of the first precept: chapter 6.

Of the second: chapter 7.

Of the promises: chapter 8.

β. The Law concerning trusting in God alone: chapter 9.

γ. A rebuke of ingratitude: chapter 10.

δ. An exhortation to obedience: chapter 11.

c. A repetition of the laws pertaining to worship: chapters 12-16: in which is:

α. Simple laws concerning Idolatry, etc.: chapter 12.

Concerning Apostasy, etc.: chapter 13.

β. Ceremonial laws concerning clean things, tithes: chapter 14.

Concerning the Sabbath of years: chapter 15.

Concerning Feasts, Magistrates: chapter 16.

d. A repetition of the judicial Laws: chapters 17-26: in which is:

α. Things judicial and the King: chapter 17.

β. The lot of the Levites, the Great Prophet: chapter 18.

γ. Law concerning cities of refuge, witnesses: chapter 19.

δ. Law of war: chapter 20.

ε. Law concerning accidental homicide, etc.: chapter 21.

ζ. Concerning loving one’s neighbor, etc.: chapter 22.

η. Concerning those that are fit for assembly, etc.: chapter 23.

θ. Concerning divorce, etc.: chapter 24.

ι. Concerning judgments, etc.: chapter 25.

κ. Concerning the firstfruits, etc.: chapter 26.

III. The sanction of the Law repeated: chapters 27-30: in which are:

1. Signs, the stony pillars, the altar on mount Ebal: chapter 27:1-10.

2. Sealing through threats on mount Ebal: chapter 27:11-26.

3. Promises and threats of the Law: chapter 28.

4. Renewal of the covenant entered into with the people, in which are:

a. The stipulation and special declaration of that covenant: chapter 29.

b. A declaration of the same with respect to the grace to be exercised toward the elect: chapter 30.

IV: The testament and death of Moses: chapters 31-34: in which is:

1. The testament of Moses: chapters 31-34: in which are:

a. A commendation of his successor: chapter 31:1-8.

b. The Scripture as the rule: chapter 31:9-13.

c. A description of the Song

α. Entrusted to Moses by God: chapter 31:14-30.

β. Set forth by Moses: chapter 32.

d. A prophetic blessing of the twelve Tribes: chapter 33.

2. The death and burial of Moses: chapter 34.

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