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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Amos: Interpreters


REFORMED: Danæus, Drusius, Mercerus, Œcolampadius, Pareus. English: Benefield,[1] Hall.[2]

LUTHERAN: Brentius, Gerhard,[3] Luther, Selnecker.[4]

ROMAN CATHOLIC: None separately.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament, and of the Twelve Minor Prophets, be added.

[1] Sebastian Benefield (1559-1630) was an Anglican churchman and Professor of Divinity at Oxford. He commented on the first three chapter of Amos in 953 pages. [2] Thomas Hall (1610-1665) was an Anglican churchman, but became a Presbyterian under the influence of Puritan preaching and teaching. He was ejected in 1662. Hall’s Exposition completes Benefield’s treatment of Amos. [3]Annotationes Posthumæ in Psalmos Priores, item in Prophetam Amos ac Jonam. [4]Der Prophet unnd ernster Busprediger Amos unnd Obadias.

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