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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Acts: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

I. The Preaching of the Gospel by the Apostles among the Jews, within and without Judea: chapters 1-12: in which is:

1. The preaching within Judea: chapters 1-7: in which are:

a. The ascension of Christ into heaven; the election of Matthias into Judas’ place: chapter 1.

b. The pouring out of the Spirit upon the Apostles: chapter 2.

c. A lame man healed, and the preaching of Peter: chapter 3.

d. The captivity and liberation of Peter and John: chapter 4.

e. The punishment of Ananias and Sapphira; the miracles of the Apostles, and their captivity and liberation: chapter 5.

f. The election of the seven Deacons; the zeal of Stephan: chapter 6.

g. The Martyrdom of Stephan: chapter 7.

2. The preaching outside of Judea: chapters 8:1-9:31: in which are:

a. The dispersion: chapter 8:1-4.

b. Preaching in Samaria by Philip; Simon Magus: chapter 8:5-25.

c. The conversion of the Eunuch: chapter 8:26-40.

d. Saul’s conversion: chapter 9:1-31.

3. The ministry of Peter: chapter 9:32-11:18.

a. Healing Æneas, raising Tabitha: chapter 9:32-43.

b. Baptizing Cornelius and others: chapter 10.

c. Defending the baptizing of him: chapter 11:1-18.

4. The preaching of the dispersed in Cyprus, Phœnicia, and Antioch; the name of Christians: chapter 11:19-30.

5. The persecution of Herod, and his punishment: chapter 12.

II. The preaching of the Gospel by the Apostles, especially Paul, among the Jews and the Gentiles indiscriminately: chapters 13-28: in which are:

1. Saint Paul’s journeys: chapters 13:1-21:16: in which are:

a. The first journey with Barnabas, into:

α. Cyprus, Pamphylia, Pisidia, Antioch: chapter 13.

β. Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, Attalia: chapter 14.

b. The second journey with Barnabas to the Synod: chapter 15:1-35.

c. The third journey with Silas, into:

α. Syria, Cilicia: chapter 15:36-41.

β. Derbe, Lystra, Macedonia: chapter 16.

γ. Amphipolis, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens: chapter 17.

δ. Corinth, Ephesus, Cæsarea: chapter 18:1-22.

d. The fourth journey, into:

α. Galatia, Phrygia: chapter 18:23-28.

β. Ephesus: chapter 19.

γ. Macedonian, Troas, Miletus: chapter 20.

δ. Tyre, Cæsarea, Jerusalem: chapter 21:1-16.

2. Saint Paul’s bonds: chapter 21:17-28:31: in which are:

a. The occasion, his entrance into the Temple to purify himself: chapter 21:17-40.

b. His oration in the fortress to the tumultuous Jews: chapter 22.

c. His oration in the Sanhedrin: chapter 23.

d. His apology before Felix against Tertullus: chapter 24.

e. His apology before Porcius Festus: chapter 25.

f. His apology before Agrippa: chapter 26.

g. His journey to Italy: chapters 27:1-28:16.

h. His conversation at Rome: chapter 28:17-31.


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