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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Acts: Chapter Summary

Inscription, 1. The acts of the Holy Apostles, but especially of Peter and Paul, of whom Luke was a follower, are contained in this book, 2. The writer of the book was Luke, 3. It is uncertain whether he wrote the book at the behest of Paul. The scope of the book, 4. The argument of the same. It is a part of the Gospel, 5. It was written in Greek. It is uncertain in what year of Luke’s age. It contains a history of twenty-eight years, from the outgoing of the seventeenth year of Tiberius, unto the fourth of Nero, 6. The parts of the book are two: I. The common history of the Apostles, preaching the Gospel among the Jews within Judea and without (Acts 1-12). II. The preaching of the Gospel by the ministry of the Apostle Paul, not only among the Jews, but also among the Gentiles, all the way to Rome (Acts 13-28). Interpreters Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic, and also a Synoptic Table of the Book, 7.

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Dr. Dilday
15 dic 2020

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