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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 2 Samuel: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the book are:

I. The happy state of King David, Chapters 1-10: in which are:

1. A funeral ode for Saul and Jonathan: chapter 1.

2. David’s succession unto the Kingdom of Judah: chapter 2:1-7.

3. Unto the Kingdom of Israel: chapter 2:8-5:5: in which are:

a. Abner’s resistance.

α. His attempt to obtrude Ish-bosheth: chapter 2:8-32.

β. His death: chapter 3.

γ. The death of Ish-bosheth: chapter 4.

b. The succession itself: chapter 5:1-5.

4. The affairs of David prosperously conducted: chapter 5:6-10:19: in which are:

a. Matters Ecclesiastical, in which are:

α. The renewal of Zion: chapter 5:6-25.

β. The conveyance of the Ark: chapter 6.

γ. The prayer of David, and the promise of God: chapter 7.

b. Matters Political, in which are:

α. Various victories: chapter 8.

β. Liberality towards Mephibosheth: chapter 9.

γ. The war against the Ammonites: chapter 10.

II. The unhappy state of the same, Chapters 11-18: in which are:

1. Its cause, sins: chapter 11.

2. Nathan’s announcement of punishment: chapter 12:1-14.

3. The chastisement, in which are:

a. The death of David’s little child: chapter 12:15-31.

b. Amnon’s incest: chapter 13.

c. Absalom’s exile: chapter 14.

d. The persecution of David: chapters 15-18: in which are:

α. His exile: chapter 15.

β. Zeba the parasite, Shimei, etc.: chapter 16.

γ. Ahithophel and Hushai: chapter 17.

δ. The ruin of Absalom: chapter 18.

III. David’s restoration to better things, Chapter 19-24: in which are:

1. David’s mourning over Absalom, and restoration: chapter 19.

2. His return to Jerusalem, and the sedition of Sheba put down: chapter 20.

3. Matters conducted after the restoration: chapters 21-24: in which are:

a. Things laudable.

α. The punishment of the sons of Saul: chapter 21:1-14.

β. Battles against the Philistines: chapter 21:15-22.

γ. David’s victory song: chapter 22.

δ. David’s swan song and Heroes: chapter 23.

b. Censurable, the number of the people, punished with pestilence: chapter 24.

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Dr. Dilday
Mar 09, 2021

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