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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 2 Chronicles: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the book are two:

I. The History of the undivided Kingdom under Solomon, Chapters 1-9: in which are:

1. Solomon’s piety and prayer: chapter 1.

2. His Ecclesiastical Acts: chapters 2-8: in which are:

a. The Temple’s preparation: chapter 2.

b. Construction: chapter 3.

c. Ornaments: chapter 4.

d. Ark and furniture: chapter 5.

e. Dedication: chapter 6.

f. Divine approbation: chapter 7.

3. His Political and domestic Acts: chapter 8.

4. His authority among foreigners, and death: chapter 9.

II. The History of the divided Kingdom, Chapters 10-36: in which are:

1. The History of the Kingdom flourishing: chapters 10-28: in which is the History:

a. Of Rehoboam: chapters 10-12: in which are:

α. The division of the Kingdom: chapter 10.

β. The Political arrangement: chapter 11.

γ. His impiety and ravager, Shishak: chapter 12.

b. Of impious Abijah: chapter 13.

c. Of Asa: chapter 14-16: in which is his:

α. Piety and prostration of the Ethiopians: chapter 14.

β. Reformation: chapter 15.

γ. Backsliding: chapter 16.

d. Of Jehoshaphat: chapters 17-20: in which is his:

α. Piety: chapter 17.

β. Backsliding: chapter 18.

γ. Repentance: chapter 19.

δ. Victory: chapter 20.

e. Of impious Jehoram: chapter 21.

f. Of Ahaziah, slain by Jehu: chapter 22:1-9.

g. Of Athaliah: chapter 22:10-12.

h. Of Joash.

α. His piety and Reformation: chapter 23.

β. His degeneration: chapter 24.

i. Of impious Amaziah: chapter 25.

k. Of Uzziah the busybody: chapter 26.

l. Of pious Jotham, conquering the Ammonites: chapter 27.

m. Of impious Ahaz: chapter 28.

2. The History of the Kingdom falling: chapters 29-36.

a. Shaken under:

α. Hezekiah: see his piety: chapter 29.

The progress of the Reformation: chapter 30.

The end of the Reformation: chapter 31.

His affliction by Sennacherib, and death: chapter 32.

β. Manasseh: chapter 33:1-20.

γ. Amon: chapter 33:21-25.

δ. Josiah: see:

His piety and Reformation: chapter 34.

The progress of the Reformation, Passover, and his death: chapter 35.

ε. Impious Jehoahaz, carried away into Egypt.

b. Collapsed under Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah: chapter 36.


Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Aug 21, 2021

A detailed study of 1 & 2 Chronicles with Matthew Poole (complete with sermons in the "Comments")!


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