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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Samuel: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the book are:

I. The History of Eli, Chapters 1-4: in which are:

1. Samuel’s nativity: chapter 1.

2. Hannah’s song: chapter 2.

3. Samuel’s calling: chapter 3.

4. Eli’s ruin: chapter 4.

II. The History of Samuel, Chapters 5-12: in which are:

1. Dagon’s ruin: chapter 5.

2. The Ark’s return; the slaughter of the men of Beth-shemesh: chapter 6.

3. The slaughter of the Philistines, and the tranquility of the people: chapter 7.

4. The inauguration of Saul: chapters 8-12: in which are:

a. The request for a King, and the law of the Kingdom: chapter 8.

b. Saul’s asses, and his designation to the Kingdom: chapter 9.

c. Saul’s inauguration: chapter 10.

d. His victory over Nahash: chapter 11.

e. Samuel’s resignation: chatper 12.

III. The History of Saul, Chapters 13-31: in which are:

1. Saul’s prosperous affairs: chapters 13, 14: in which are:

a. War against the Philistines, and Saul’s sacrifice: chapter 13.

b. Victory over the Philistines: chapter 14.

2. The rejection of Saul, sparing Amalek: chapter 15.

3. David’s inauguration, and the matters conducted before the death of Saul: chapters 16-27: in which are:

a. The anointing of David: chapter 16.

b. David’s fight with Goliath: chapter 17.

c. His adverse matters: chapters 18-27: in which are:

α. David’s exile; his covenant with Jonathan: chapter 18.

His flight: chapter 19.

His friendship with Jonathan: chapter 20.

The showbread and Doeg: chapters 21, 22.

β. The persecution of David, in which are:

The liberation of Keilah: chapter 23.

Saul in the cave: chapter 24.

The inhumanity of Nabal: chapter 25.

The betrayal of the Ziphites: chapter 26.

Flight to Achish: chapter 27.

4. Saul’s final things and ruin: chapters 28-31: in which are:

a. The desperation of Saul, consulting the Witch: chapter 28.

b. The pitching of the Philistines at Aphek, and David rejected by the Philistines: chapter 29.

c. David’s victory over the Amalekites burning Ziklag: chapter 30.

d. Saul’s αὐτοχειρία/suicide: chapter 31.


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