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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Samuel: Chapter Summary

The names of the book.Samuel,θεόκλητος, asked of God, 1. Was the author of the book, Samuel, David, Jeremiah, Ezra, or some other? 2. The argument of the book, and also its end and use, 3. An account of the time.The affairs of eighty years are narrated, 4. Three parts are enumerated. I. The matters conducted under Eli, High Priest and Judge of the people (1 Samuel 1-4). II. The matters conducted under Samuel, Prophet and Judge of God (1 Samuel 4-12). III. The matters conducted under Saul, recently chosen and anointed (1 Samuel 13-31). A Synoptic Table, and the Interpreters of the book, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Hebrew, 5.

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