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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Corinthians: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

I. Concerning Schisms, and preservation of unity: chapters 1-4: in which are:

1. An introduction, and dehortation from schism: chapter 1:1-12.

2. Reasons for avoiding schism:

a. That by them Christ is divided, we are not baptized into a man; because he did not preach Christ in the wisdom of words:

α. Lest the cross of Christ made of no effect: chapter 1:13-31.

β. Because the wisdom of God is above all capacity: chapter 2.

b. That schisms are an indication of carnal men; God alone blesses, not men; the foundation is one: chapter 3.

c. That men are the ministers of God, in whom alone there is to be glorying, etc.: chapter 4.

II. Concerning Scandals: chapters 5, 6.

1. With respect to the tolerated incestuous man: chapter 5.

2. With respect to public lawsuits, and impurity of life: chapter 6.

III. Concerning virginity and celibacy: chapter 7.

IV. Concerning things sacrificed to idols, the dress of those prophesying, the Lord’s Supper: chapters 8-11.

1. Concerning things sacrificed to idols: chapters 8-10: in which:

a. He teaches that those eatings things sacrificed to idols sin against charity: chapter 8.

b. By his own example he urges moderation of liberty: chapter 9.

c. He shows that the eating of things sacrificed to idols fosters the danger of idolatry: chapter 10.

2. Concerning the dress of men and women prophesying: chapter 11:1-16.

3. Concerning the Lord’s Supper: chapter 11:17-34.

V. Concerning Spiritual Gifts: chapters 12-14: in which:

1. He shows their author, variety, and use: chapter 12.

2. He asserts the excellence of charity directing the gifts unto edification: chapter 13.

3. He commends the gift of prophecy in a known tongue: chapter 14.

VI. Concerning the resurrection of the dead: chapter 15.

VII. The Epilogue of the Epistle: chapter 16.

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