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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Chronicles: Inscription

1. Inscription of the Book. Paralipomena. Chronicles. Annals.

By the Greeks the two following Books are called παραλειπόμενα/ Paralipomena, or Things Omitted, because either he stores some things omitted in the Pentateuch, and in the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings, or repeats briefly some things written more fully, and represents them as if in a table. The same books are also inscribed Χρονικὰ/Chronicles, because in them is narrated at what Χρόνῳ/time generally, in what season, each thing was done. In imitation of which word the Latins call them Annales. But before Greeks and the Latins go the Hebrews, who inscribe them דבר יהימים, the words of days, that is, Dailies, or Annals, inasmuch as יוֹם/day is quite frequently taken for year in the Sacred books.

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