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De Moor VII:30: A Definition of "Reprobation"

Reprobation is defined, etc.[1] A vigorous and full delineation of Reprobation is likewise given by SPANHEIM, Decadum Theologicarum VIII, § 2, opera, tome 3, columns 1242-1244. The Apologia Remonstrantium, chapter XX, page 226a, with great ill will sets forth the orthodox opinion concerning Reprobation: but see the strictures TRIGLAND on this discourse, Antapologia, chapter LI, pages 654, 655.

[1] Marckius’ Compendium, chapter VII, § 30: “And so Reprobation is here defined: The Altogether Just Predestination of the majority and more noble of men, out of the human race about to fall, to deserved Death through Sin, certainly to be inflicted through Unbelief and Final Impenitence, for the declaration of God’s righteousness and power in them.

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