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De Moor VII:22: The Predisposing Cause of Election

The Fount of Election is the Good Pleasure of God, and is equally Free in Election and Reprobation; but in Election it ought in addition to be called Most Gracious on account of the gracious effect, whereby election is distinguished from Reprobation. Hence the Elect are called His σκεύη ἐλέους, vessels of mercy, Romans 9:23. Πρόθεσις καὶ χάρις, purpose and grace, with respect to this Decree are conjoined, 2 Timothy 1:9. And, as in this passage χάρις/grace is contemplated as the Impulsive Cause of this προθέσεωςκατ᾽ ἐκλογὴν, purpose according to election,[1] in God; so the same has the relation of a Final Cause of this Decree, Ephesians 1:6.

By which the Hatred of God against Sin is not removed: For the disposition extends unto Persons; neither does He confer or destine the effect outside of Christ sacrificing for sins. Neither does it detract from the necessity of the Satisfaction of Christ, that at this point we consider the altogether Free Grace of God as the sole Fount and impulsive Cause of Election; because by Grace God destined Salvation for the Elect, in such a way that by one and the same act of determination He ordained Christ as Mediator and Redeemer; whereby He could be gracious to the Elect sinner in conferring Salvation upon him without any injury to His Righteousness.

[1] Romans 9:11.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Feb 03, 2023
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