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De Moor V:8: The Hyperphysical Generation of the Son


It is, 2.Hyperphysical, not Physical, which sort belongs to corporeal and material substance, which begets of itself by means of seed, and bring forth the thing begotten outside of itself:while Metaphysical Generation, whereby the mind begets λόγον/reason/word, hence also called mental, is only an improper generation, whereby an accidental property is begotten, which is in the one begetting as subject.But the Generation of the Son of God is with good reason called Hyperphysical, because this Generation, which is a profound mystery, transcends all physical generation, no less than the Persons of God the Father and of God the Son excel whomever and whatever, Ephesians 4:6; Romans 9:5.But, as a Generation of this sort, which in its general conception is common to God and creatures, is attributed to God only with the greatest ὑπεροχῇ/pre-eminence, so all Imperfections that are wont to follow the finite Generation of creatures, are to be completely removed from this divine Generation, Imperfections like Dependence, Succession, Mutation, Division, Multiplication, etc.:consult EUSEBIUS’ Demonstrationem Euangelicam, book IV, chapter III, pages 147-149, book V, chapter I, pages 211-217; EPIPHANIUS’ Panarion, Heresy XX, opera, tome I, page 47, Heresy LXIX, chapter XXVI, pages 750, 751; HILARY’S de Trinitate, book I, chapter XXXIV, column 784.

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