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De Moor IV:23: Against Socinian Unitarianism

We are obliged, at last, to charge the Socinians, who set themselves above all other Christians as Unitarians, because they multiply Gods; since they call Jesus Christ True God, but nevertheless made by the Father, and altogether distinct from Him in Essence; but indeed a ψιλὸν ἄνθρωπον, mere man, who was not before he was born of the Virgin Mary; and, nevertheless, they thing that divine honors, of Adoration, for example, are also to be bestowed upon Him: compare SPANHEIM’S Decadum Theologicarum V, § 9, opera, tome 3, column 1223.

Finally, what things our AUTHOR advises at the end of this §, That I add nothing concerning the path most newly laid to Tritheism through the denied Communication of the same Essence; have regard to those things that were publicly objected against the ἰδίαν/peculiar opinion of RÖELLIUS[1] concerning the Generation of the Son, concerning which below, Chapter V, § 9.

[1] Hermann Alexander Röell (1653-1718) was a Dutch Reformed philosopher (Cartesian) and theologian. He served as Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Franeker (1685-1704), and as Professor of Natural Theology at Utrecht (1704-1718).

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