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Outline of Judges 4

King Jabin oppresses Israel; his captain-general was Sisera, 1-3. The prophetess Deborah from the Lord commands Barak to go out against him; promiseth victory; she herself marcheth with him, 4-14. Sisera’s host is beaten; he flees: Jael hides him in her tent, and while he sleeps she kills him, 15-23. King Jabin is destroyed, 24. A

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Feb 06, 2018

Matthew Henry: 'The method of the history of Deborah and Barak (the heroes in this chapter) is the same with that before. Here is, I. Israel revolted from God, verse 1. II. Israel oppressed by Jabin, verses 2, 3. III. Israel judged by Deborah, verses 4, 5. IV. Israel rescued out of the hands of Jabin. 1. Their deliverance is concerted between Deborah and Barak, verses 6, 9. 2. It is accomplished by their joint-agency. Barak takes the field, verse 10. Sisera, Jabin's general, meets him, verses 12, 13. Deborah encourages him, verse 14. And God gives him a complete victory. The army routed, verses 15, 16. The general forced to flee, verse 17. And where he expected shelter h…

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