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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Leviticus: Jewish Interpreters

Sefer Chizkuni

HEBREW: Chizkuni,[1] ספר החיים of Rabbi Jehuda, ספרא or תורת כוחנים[2] and פסיקתא/ Pesikta.[3]

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament and of the Pentateuch be added.

[1] Precious little is known about the French commentator, Rabbi Chizkiyah ben Manoach Chizkuni. However, his commentary on the Torah, written around the year 1250, survives. Chizkuni reveals his commitments both to the interpretive tradition of the Rabbis and to the literal meaning of the text.

[2] ספרא, or תורת כוחנים, is a work of halakhic midrash, and appears to have been the work of Hiyya bar Abba, a first generation Amoraic sage of the third century.

[3] There are no less than three medieval collections of aggadic midrash on the Pentateuch that go by the name Pesikta.

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