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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Genesis: Synoptic Outline of Genesis

There are three parts to this Book:

I. The History of the origin of all things: chapters 1, 2.

II. The History of the former world: chapters 3-7, in which are,

1. The fall of man: chapter 3.

2. The posterity of the same.

a. Cut off in Abel: chapter 4.

b. Restored in Seth: chapter 5.

3. The corruption of the former world through the flood: chapters 6, 7.

III. The History of the latter world under the Patriarchs: chapters 8-50, in which are,

1. The restoration of mankind, chapter 8.

2. The history of the latter world under Noah, chapters 9-11, in which are,

a. The drunkenness of Noah, chapter 9.

b. The propagation of the human race, chapter 10.

c. Mankind’s corruption and great exertion in the plain of Shinar, chapter 11.

3. The history of the world under Abraham, chapters 11-25, in which are,

a. His departure from Ur, chapter 11.

b. His departure unto Canaan, chapter 12.

c. His return from Egypt, chapter 13.

d. The Pentapolitan war, chapter 14.

e. The promise of a Seed, chapter 15.

f. His union with Hagar, chapter 16.

g. The Abrahamic Covenant, chapter 17.

h. The visitation of the Angels, chapter 18.

i. The overthrow of Sodom, chapter 19.

k. The carrying off of Sarah, chapter 20.

l. The birth of Isaac, chapter 21.

m. The trial of Abraham, chapter 22.

n. The death of Sarah, chapter 23.

o. The marriage of Isaac, chapter 24.

p. The death of Abraham, chapter 25.

4. The history of the Church under Isaac, chapters 25-27, in which are,

a. The death of Ishmael, chapter 25.

b. The birth of Esau and Jacob, chapter 25.

c. The sojourning of Isaac, chapter 26.

d. The blessing of Isaac bestowed upon his sons, chapter 27.

5. The history of the Church under Jacob, chapters 27-36, in which are,

a. The counsel of Rebekah, chapter 27.

b. Jacob’s flight into Mesopotamia, chapter 28.

c. Jacob’s marriage, chapter 29.

d. The rivalry of his wives, chapter 30.

e. Jacob’s return into Canaan, chapter 31.

f. Jacob’s wrestling with the Angel, chapter 32.

g. His reconciliation with Esau, chapter 33.

h. The rape of Dinah, chapter 34.

i. Jacob’s journeys, chapter 35.

k. His departure from Esau, chapter 36.

6. The history of the Church under Joseph, chapters 37-50, in which are,

a. The adverse affairs of Jacob and Joseph, chapters 37-39, like,

α. The selling of Joseph, chapter 37.

β. Judah’s unfortunate offspring and incest, chapter 38.

γ. Joseph’s captivity, chapter 39.

b. The favorable affairs of Jacob and Joseph, chapters 40-50, in which are,

α. The recognition of the Prophetic gift in Joseph, chapters 40, 41.

β. Joseph’s exaltation, chapter 41.

γ. The first trial of Joseph’s brothers, chapter 42.

δ. Their second trial, chapter 43.

ε. Their third trial, chapter 44.

ζ. The end of the trial, chapter 45.

η. Jacob’s descent into Egypt, chapter 46.

θ. His tarrying in Egypt,

א. Before his death, chapter 47.

ב. His death, chapter 48.

ג. His Prophetic Blessings, chapter 49.

ד. His burial, chapter 50.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "The Faith of the Patriarchs"

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