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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of the Fall Outline

Thesis I: The result of government before the fall with respect to man.

Thesis II: What things in the disobedience of our first parents are to be considered?

Thesis III: The Principal Efficient.

Explanation: It is proven, that man was not compelled to fall.

Thesis IV: The less principal, or impulsive Efficient, either external or internal.

Thesis V: The external.

Explanation: The persuasive arguments, whereby Satan induced Eve to apostasy. The multifaceted subtlety of Satan in the temptation.

Thesis VI: The internal.

Explanation: 1. The internal cause is gathered from the outcome. 2. Man did not fall with God urging, but permitting, and indeed not against His will or simply not willing. Why God permitted the fall of man. 3. The arguments of adversaries, which they object against the orthodox on this question, are resolved.

Thesis VII: The form of the apostasy.

Explanation: The apostasy of our first parents is a heap of many sins. * 2. It is asked, What then was the first sin? 3. Unbelief or pride? 4. From what internal principium was the first error in judgment?

Thesis VIII: The effects or consequences touching either the two first men, or the posterity of the first.

Thesis IX: The effects or consequences concerning the first men in common.

Explanation: 1. Blindness of mind is defined. 2. Depravity of will is defined. 3. Guilt is defined. Bodily and spiritual death.

Thesis X: Concerning Adam and Even in particular.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Sep 26, 2023
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