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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Ecclesiastes: Chapter Summary

The Inscription. Solomon was the author of the book, not the collector, 1. Why he imposed the name קֹהֶלֶת/Qoheleth/Preacher upon himself? 2. The attempt of the ancient Jews, undertaking to hide the book. The Divine and Canonical Authority of the book, 3. The Argument of the book, 4. It was written by Solomon, having already fallen, but now penitent, 5. A certain order and accurate method is hardly able to be discovered in this book. The parts of the book are three: I. The Thesis of the whole book (Ecclesiastes 1:1, 2). II. Demonstration of the Thesis, with various arguments and specimens of the vanity of those things that the commonality and human flesh place in their reckoning of true goods; with useful proverbs sprinkled here and there (Ecclesiastes 1:3-12:7). III. The Conclusion of the book (Ecclesiastes 12:8-14). A Synoptic Table of the book, and its Interpreters, ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Hebrew, 6.

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