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Super-Summer Fund Raiser

 Our goal this summer (June 11-August 31) is to raise $5000 for the ongoing work of this ministry.

Currently:  $2560 raised.

"The Revelation of St. John the Divine:  Beyond Mere Opinion"

"Some years ago, I decided to preach through the Book of Revelation.  There are, of course, many competing and conflicting interpretive approaches; but my goal was to attempt to move us beyond 'mere opinion,' using the interpretive principles taught and framework provided by the Holy Spirit Himself in the first five chapters of the book (chapters often neglected).

"In God's providence, I was forced to leave off in the midst of Revelation 10.  Since that time, I have received hundreds of requests from all over the world to complete the series.  This summer, it is my plan to work to bring the internet study up to date, so that we might begin to make progress again unto the end.

"It is my hope to post 3-4 new lessons in Revelation each week, including:  1.  A translation of the relevant portion of Poole's Synopsis, 2.  A sermon expounding and applying the text, and, 3.  Additional comments from the best authors.  (See samples.)

"I hope that you will consider helping us to meet our fundraising goal, to speed us on our way."  --Dr. Dilday

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Here is a little something to whet your appetite for the Revelation Study!

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