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Poole's Outline of Revelation 5

The book sealed with seven seals, which no man is worthy to open, 1-3. John weeping thereat is comforted, 4, 5. The Lamb that was slain taketh the book to open it, 6, 7. The beasts and the elders praise him that had redeemed them with his blood, 8-10. The angels join with them in ascribing glory to God and to the Lamb, 11-14.

The same vision yet proceedeth. Hitherto John had only seen a throne, with a person sitting upon it in a very glorious habit and appearance, twenty-four grave persons, and four living creatures, in the shape of a lion, a calf, a man, and an eagle, each of them with six wings, and full of eyes, about the throne; and heard the twenty-four living creatures constantly giving glory to God, and the twenty-four elders harmonizing with them, and joining likewise in the high praises of God. Now the vision proceedeth.

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