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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Titus: Detailed Outline

6. Two parts: I. Instruction concerning the establishment of Elders in Crete (Titus 1). II. Precepts to be imparted by Titus to various sorts of men (Titus 2; 3). Interpreters of the Epistle, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic; and also a Synoptic Table.

There are two Parts to the Epistle, if you remove the Exordium and Epilogue. For, first he instructs Titus concerning the ministry in Crete (Titus 1). Second, he prescribes precepts to be inculcated in various sorts of men (Titus 2; 3).

I. Instruction concerning the setting up of the ministry in Crete, Chapter 1.

With the inscription and prayer going before (verses 1-4), disclosing the reason why he left Titus in Crete (verse 5), he explains what sort he ought to set up as Bishops (verses 6-9), and commands those Cretans, especially the Jews, always lying, to be rebuked sharply (verses 10-13), so that they might be sound in the faith, and not attend upon Jewish fables and the commandments of men (verses 14-16): chapter 1.

II. Precepts to be imparted by Titus to various sorts of men, Chapters 2, 3. Now, he orders it to be commanded:

1. To the older, that they be sober, grave, sound in the faith (verses 1-5); to the younger, that they be sober minded, whom he is to teach by his own example (verses 6-8); to servants, that they might be subject to their masters, and show good faith (verses 9, 10); with an argument for the duties of all these sought from this, that the saving grace of God has appeared to all, teaching them to deny impiety, and to await the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of the Savior Christ (verses 11-15): chapter 2.

2. To subjects, that they obey Princes, speak evil of no one, be gentle towards all (verses 1, 2), since toward us, the disobedient, God also showed His φιλανθρωπίαν, love of mankind, not on account of works, but according to His own mercy (verses 3-7); and, finally, gathering the precepts into a summary, commanding that useless words be avoided (verses 8, 9), and that a heretic be rejected after one and another admonition (verses 10, 11), he asks that he prepare himself for a jouney, meet him at Nicopolis (verses 12, 13), and diligently bring Zenas and Apollos along on their journey (verse 14); and, saluting them, he closes with prayer (verse 15): chapter 3.

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Dr. Dilday
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