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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Obadiah: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS:  None separately.

REFORMED:  Grynæus, Mercerus, Œcolampadius, Willich.[1] English:  Ellis,[2] Marbury,[3] Pilkington, John Rainolds,[4] Anonymous (1562).

LUTHERAN:  Draconites, Gesner, Selnecker,[5] Ursinus.

ROMAN CATHOLIC:  Victorinus.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament, and of the Twelve Minor Prophets, be added.

[1] In Abdiam Commentaria Rhetoricorum More Conscripta.  Jodocus Willich (1501-1552) was a German Renaissance scholar, philologist, and polymath.  He also wrote commentaries on Haggai, 1 Timothy, and Titus.

[2] Bellum in Idumæos.  John Ellis (1589-1665) was a Welsh Anglican churchman.

[3] Edward Marbury (flourished the first half of the seventeenth century) was an Anglican churchman.  He wrote commentaries on Obadiah and Habakkuk.

[4] John Rainolds (1549-1607) was an Oxford academic and churchman.  He was Puritan in his views, and played an important role in initiating the Authorized Version.  Rainolds composed commentaries on Obadiah and Habakkuk.

[5] Der Prophet unnd ernster Busprediger Amos unnd Obadias.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Nov 18, 2023
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