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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Numbers: Synoptic Outline of Numbers


There are three general parts to this book:

I. Preparation for the departure from mount Sinai: chapters 1-10: in which are:

1. A census of the people: chapters 1-4.

a. Human, in which is

α. A numbering of the people: chapter 1.

β. The order and situation of the camps: chapter 2.

b. Sacred, that is,

α. The Levitical families: chapter 3.

β. The services of the Aaronites: chapter 4.

2. Laws set forth concerning certain persons: chapters 5-8.

a. Common

α. Concerning the unclean and jealousy: chapter 5.

β. Concerning the Nazirites: chapter 6.

b. Particular

α. Concerning the oblations of the Princes: chapter 7.

β. Concerning the consecration of the Levites: chapter 8.

3. The twofold manner: chapters 9, 10.

a. Concerning the celebration of the Passover and departures: chapter 9.

b. Concerning the indication of their assemblies: chapter 10.

II. The journey from Sinai unto the land of Moab: chapters 11-21: in which are eight murmurings.

1. The first on account of the weariness of the journey: chapter 11:1-3.

2. The second on account of the tedium of the Manna: chapter 11:4-35.

3. Of Aaron and Miriam: chapter 12.

4. The fourth in Kadesh, in which is

a. Its cause, the report of the spies: chapter 13.

b. The punishment of the faintheartedness of the people: chapter 14.

c. The reconciliation attested by miscellaneous laws: chapter 15.

5. The fifth of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram against the priesthood of Aaron: chapter 16:1-40.

6. The sixth, on account of the preceding punishment: chapters 16:41-21:35.

a. The murmuring itself: chapter 16:41-50.

b. The miracle of the rod of Aaron for the confirmation of his priesthood: chapter 17.

c. The duties and the priests and the tithes: chapter 18.

d. The laws concerning the sacrifice of the red heifer: chapter 19.

7. The seventh, on account of the want of water; the unbelief of Moses; the perfidy of Edom and the death of Aaron: chapter 20.

8. The eighth, on account of the want of food and drink, punished by the serpents: chapter 21.

III. Preparation for the occupation of the inheritance of the land, and a part occupied: chapters 22-36: in which is:

1. The disposition of the heir themselves: chapters 22-30.

a. The hostility of Balak, employing Balaam: chapter 22.

b. The prophetic blessing of Balaam: chapter 23.

c. The continuation of the same: chapter 24.

d. The harlotry of the people with the Moabites: chapter 25.

e. The numbering of the people repeated: chapter 26.

f. Law concerning the heirs themselves, and the inauguration of Joshua: chapter 27.

g. Law concerning the continual sacrifice, etc.: chapter 28.

h. Laws concerning the sacrifices of the Day of Atonement in the seventh month: chapter 29.

i. Laws concerning vows: chapter 30.

2. The occupation of part of the inheritance: chapters 31, 32: in which is:

a. The slaughter of the Midianites: chapter 31.

b. The casting of lots for the two and a half tribes: chapter 32.

3. Review of the stations in the desert: chapter 33.

4. Political laws concerning the inheritance of the land of Canaan: chapters 34-36: in which is:

a. The division of the land of Canaan: chapter 34.

b. Law concerning Asylum cities: chapter 35.

c. Law concerning not mixing the tribes: chapter 36.

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