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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Leviticus: Roman Catholic Interpreters

Tostatus Abulensis

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Lippomanus,[1] Lorinus,[2] Serranus,[3] Thomas Waldensis,[4] Rupertus, Abulensis,[5] Cajetan, Oleaster.

[1] Catena in Leviticum.

[2] Commentarii in Leviticum.

[3] In Levitici librum commentaria.

[4] Thomas Netter of Walden (c. 1375-1430) was a Carmelite monk. He studied at Oxford, where he became a professor of philosophy, and then of theology, writing prolifically on philosophy, Scripture, canon law, and theology. Netter wrote commentaries on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Acts, Romans, and 1 Peter. In addition to his academic work, Netter was a zealous opponent and persecutor of the Wycliffites and Lolards.

[5] Commentaria in Leviticum.

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