Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Judges: Synoptic Outline

The parts of the book are:

I. The history of the Elders, and of those things that happened with them deceased, chapters 1:1-3:7: in which are:

1. The matters conducted by the tribe of Judah: chapter 1.

2. The disobedience and repentance of the people: chapter 2.

3. The Nations left in the land, and the defection of the people: chapter 3:1-7.

II. The history of six oppressions and as many deliverances, chapters 3:8-16:31: in which are:

1. The oppression by Chushan, and the deliverance through Othniel: chapter 3:8-11.

2. The oppression by Eglon, and the deliverance through Ehud: chapter 3:12-31.

3. The oppression by Jabin, in which are:

a. The oppression itself, and the deliverance through Deborah: chapter 4.

b. The victory song of Deborah: chapter 5.

4. The oppression by Midian: chapters 6:1-10:5: in which are:

a. The oppression itself, and the calling of Gideon: chapter 6.

b. The deliverance through Gideon: chapter 7.

c. The continuation of the victory, and the idolatry of Gideon: chapter 8.

d. The tyranny of Abimelech, and the parable of Jotham: chapter 9.

e. The judgeship of Tola: chapter 10:1-5.

5. Oppression by the Philistines: chapters 10:6-12:15: in which are:

a. The oppression and repentance of the people: chapter 10:6-18.

b. The deliverance through Jephthah, and his vow: chapter 11.

c. The massacre of the Ephraimites: chapter 12.

6. Oppression by the Philistines: chapters 13-16.

a. The oppression itself: chapter 13:1.

b. The deliverance through Samson, in which are:

α. The birth of Samson: chapter 13:2-25.

β. His strength and marriage: chapter 14.

γ. The little foxes and the jawbone: chapter 15.

δ. Imprisonment and death: chapter 16.

III. Two specimens of the corruption of the people, chapters 17-21: in which are:

1. The first specimen, the Idolatry of Micah: chapters 17, 18: in which are:

a. The Idolatry of Micah, and the Anarchy of the people: chapter 17.

b. The Idolatry of the Danites: chapter 18.

2. The second specimen, the Whoredom of the Gibeonites: chapters 19-21: in which are:

a. The forcing of the concubine by the Gibeonites: chapter 19.

b. Vengeance upon the Benjamites: chapter 20.

c. The carrying off of the Virgins: chapter 21.


Dr. Steven Dilday holds a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Campbell University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), and both a Master of Divinity and a  Ph.D. in Puritan History and Literature from Whitefield Theological Seminary.  He is also the translator of Matthew Poole's Synopsis of Biblical Interpreters and Bernardinus De Moor’s Didactico-Elenctic Theology.




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