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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Joshua: Chapter Summary

The name of the book. Joshua, whence his name, and who was he? 1. The author of the book, whether it was Eleazar, Joshua, or Ezra? 2. The argument of the book, 3. The scope: the representation of God’s promises and faithfulness, and also of His power and mercy, 4. The disputed chronology of the book. The Root of the Sabbatical years to be fixed from the autumn of the forty-first year from the exodus. Thence unto the rest of the land or the first Sabbatical celebrated in the land seven years pass. Joshua continued to live many days or years, twenty-seven apparently, 5. The book has three parts. I. The history of the land of Canaan occupied and conquered by Joshua as general (Joshua 1-13). II. The division of the land of Canaan (Joshua 13-22). III. Joshua’s sermons shortly before his death (Joshua 23, 24). A Synoptic Table, and the Interpreters of the book, ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Hebrew, 6.

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